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Services means using any function offered by the Silos On the Air (SiOTA) website.

The Website means the website,

System / Event Logging means the record of website activity, or system activity not directly related to amateur radio activity logging.

Amateur Radio Activity logging, means logging, uploaded or otherwise supplied that describe contacts made by an amateur radio operator.

Callsign means an amateur radio callsign.

System and Event Logging

The website makes extensive logs of all requests made to it these logs are retained for 30 days and may be access by admins from time to time as needed. This information contains but is not limited to details of IP addresses and all other information normally supplied by a web browser.

This information may be analysed, or processed at any time and may be kept indefinitely or passed onto the police or other government agency either upon lawful request by the police or agency or as a report of suspected illegal behavior.

Email Addresses

You must supply an email address to register to use the Website, you will be sent a conformation email to verify you have control over that email address. Your email will not be used to unsolicited advertising or sold onto a third party.

The Website admins may contact you on this email address at any time for administration related purposes.

Mobile Phone Numbers

In order to register a callsign you must supply an valid Australian mobile phone number that you can respond to an SMS from. This is done as an abuse mitigation strategy. The mobile number you supply is only used for that purpose and is not shared with any other party.

Third Party Services

The Website uses Auth0 for authenticating users.

The Website uses Twilio for sending SMS messages.

The Website is hosted within Amazon Web Services, Lightsail and all information is encrypted at rest and stored within the Oregon region.

The Website uses Cloudflare for attack mitigation and proxying. Communication between Cloudflare and Silos on the Air service are encrypted end to end.


The website uses cookies to track sessions (keep you logged in).

Cloudflare introduce cookies in order to manage their proxying function.


Your password is stored using BCrypt which is a memory hard function designed for the hashing of passwords.

Amateur Radio Activity Logs

Your Amateur radio activity logs are considered by us to be in the public domain.

Amateur Radio Callsigns

An Amateur Radio Callsign is considered by us to be in the public domain.