Activator's Checklist

A non exhaustive list of things to check off.

  • Register, and make sure your call is added before you start logging QSOs, Silos on the Air will not accept QSOs that come before you claimed the callsign. See My Callsign ⇗.
  • Study the map and plan a road trip. See the Silo Map
  • For each selected silo study the map and plan when you are going to activate it from. See the Silo Map
  • Record all the silo codes, you may not have coverage!
  • Work out where you are stopping for coffee, counter lunch etc!
  • Know the call, "CQ SiOTA" or "CQ SILO".
  • Modes: AM,CW,RTTY,SSB,SSTV and FM.
  • ADIF log: MY_SIG field set to 'SIOTA' and MY_SIG_INFO set to the full silo code eg 'VK-ARN2'.
  • Make sure your transport is reliable.
  • Take note of the weather, if you are unsure of something don't go.
  • Batteries, working pens, torch, tools, spare fittings, wire and a camera.
  • Connectors and leads.
  • A working radio, up to date logging software and the antenna!
  • Take ham radio material you might give to a member of the public if they show an interest.
  • Be neat and tidy, clean vehicle etc.